Professional School Bus Driver Class (B)

This course consists of twelve chapters of the state rules and regulations for school bus driving. A minimum of 20 classroom hours are required by law. After each chapter a test is given which requires a grade of 70% or better to pass. After the 12 chapters are completed a final examination is given which requires a grade of 70% or better to pass.

The behind-the-wheel portion of the course consists of seven skill levels. The student must demonstrate proficiency in each skill level before they are tested by the CHP. The law requires a minimum of 20 hours of one-on-one training behind the wheel of the appropriate class vehicle to complete this portion of the course.


An additional 40 hours are required to prepare the student to pass the Class B CDL written exam, air brakes, and passenger endorsement requirements at the DMV. The student is also required to pass a first aid test administered by the CHP. 

School Buses of all Sizes:Type 1 & 2
CHP Training Manual 82.7
California Commercial Drivers License Handbook
Placement Opportunties:
Graduates who successfully complete the course may seek employment as School Bus Operators for public and private school districts,  Transit Operators, Tour Bus Drivers, Limousine Drivers, ParaTransit Bus Drivers and more.
Class Time:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm


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