Tractor/Trailer Operator Course


Our Tractor/Trailer Operator Course is a four week program totaling 160 hours between field and classroom. This training includes DOT Safety Rules and Regulations as well as proficiency development in the skills required to obtain the Commercial Drivers License (CDL).
Our Students are required to attend 40 hours of classroom training covering such subject as DOT logbooks, defensive driving, and job search techniques.
Field Training includes both observation and behind the wheel time consisting of driving in training areas that include a combination of highway, city, and heavy traffic driving with an emphasis on defensive driving. Backing safety and emergency procedure are also practiced extensively. 
After completion of the course, students are taken to the DMV for the (CDL) Driving and Skills tests. Upon successfully passing the tests, you will be able to enter the trucking industry as a qualified entry-level Diesel Tractor/Trailer Driver.
96 Freight Liners
Tractor - Trailer Drivers Handbook: Delmar Publishing.
Placement Opportunities
Graduates who successfully complete the course and receive their Commercial Drivers License may seek position as Flat, Doubles, Refrigeration, and Transport drivers. Students will be able to seek employment as local or Over the Road drivers.
Class Time:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 2:00 pm


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